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IREM Certified Property Managers: Salaries and Other Perks

When you’re certified by IREM, you associate your career path with the leading property management organization worldwide. As such, you become part of an organization of experts that keep winning every day and setting a high benchmark for everyone else to imitate. There are lucrative financial and professional perks for the position of an IREM Certified Property Manager (CPM).

These are the rewards of being a CPM from IREM:

Better Financial Compensation

Certainly, the satisfaction of being at the top of the “food chain” in the world of real estate management is sufficient motivation to seek IREM mentoring toward becoming a CPM. Nonetheless, in case you’re in the dark regarding the average certified property manager salary, you’ll be pleased to discover that a CPM professional earns exceptionally well. According to the most recent statistics, CPM candidate members take home an average of $92, 544 in remuneration. The average pay for CPM members is a whopping $135, 162. Evidently, the compensation is outstandingly lucrative by all standards.

Expanded Career Opportunities

You may attain the designation of a certified property manager, but there’s still the pending issue of securing the right employment. Fortunately, IREM takes care of both aspects for you! Great tidings await you following your completion of the IREM tutorship course as the association aggressively markets CPM credentials to property owners and other industry players looking to hire. A CPM recognition is already a very popular brand, meaning that, if you attained it, organizations or people that want to employ you understand the quality of your skills along with the proportionate compensation you require.

Attainment of Personal Career Goals

If you think you have what it takes to take your property management career to the highest level, maybe it’s good to ask yourself, “why I’m I not there yet”? Your ordinary property manager feels okay, pretty much like their peers, but that’s their main weakness! If one of your personal career goals is to play your game at the highest level possible, you need to distinguish yourself from the average practitioner, which is what IREM mentorship helps you achieve.

No doubt the CPM gives you the edge you need to make a difference and beat your industry competitors to the top slot. Attaining this qualification means that you have exceptional skills to handle all financial and asset management elements of real estate management–which is a prerequisite for pursuing a distinguished career. Likewise, it implies you’re futuristic in your approach to property management, and you’re eager to build a positive reputation by adhering to the industry’s best practices concerning ethics, ensuring that everyday-living for the tenants and residents under your management only gets better.

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