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  • 10 Tips From Stephen King To Write Better

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    One of the great writers of our time, Stephen King, brings us his new book ‘As I write’ very useful tips to improve our writing. This novel, dedicated to his work as a writer, is postulated as a strong candidate to become part of its extensive crop successes best seller among those who are already at least 50 of his novels.

    It is a short book riddled with irony and summer in which the author lists the items that was published in the newspaper El Pais during the month of August 2000. But what surprised me most when opened was the prologue to me I found. Sign up and will not miss any of our publications. Directly to your email so you can organize and read anytime. When someone visits your website should identify and recognize your brand style in the novel of a writer. Your website says a lot about you, is telling your story, your voice and your personal style. To quote Hemingway: the most essential gift for a good writer is a built crap detector, shockproof. ”

    Have good English writing allows us to open a range of options for study and work, and lack of this knowledge can make us lose the opportunity to get the job of our dreams. The Finn Jarkko blogger Lainese many difficulties faced by not having English as their mother tongue. For this reason he decided to create a list of 10 tips for those who are in the same situation.

    If we look from the point of view of the villain, it is perfectly possible that he sees the hero and his allies and the forces of evil. The aspirations of the villain and the hero’s motivations must have some consistency, not pure evil absolute good. This character can be changed as often as you want … as long as the reader is put on notice.

    If you are a writer who is constantly working with tight deadlines reference for writers it is for you. Site messages complete lists and links to research materials that would have had to find time for themselves. Advice, ideas and inspiration for wordsmiths: Occasionally, the usual writing material-blog is published. …

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  • How to Write Better In Your Blog Posts

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    Since birth live fully, I received several messages from readers who have a blog want to start one asking tips to improve your writing. As seems to be that writing is something that interests you more than one, today I want to share with you some of the things that helped me (and still helping me) to go from never write this blog post in two articles a week .

    Remember that the important thing is to express your opinion without being offensive, providing added value to your readers and use your own voice. Your entries have your special touch. Do not imitate what makes another blogger, because it may not work for you. Be genuine and write great articles. I have only 16 years, but I think these steps helped me to start writing a book, I resolved to the questions I had, thank you!

    Thanks friend for advice … I also drew attention to see that you are an entrepreneur and as I am in search of people like you I would like to invite aque saw my blog … as it is a global opportunity to have your own business. This is a mystery positioning and success with blogs. Muuuucha imagine that there is still much research to be done.

    Most of the really good writers I know, says Ane Handley, still feel a little embarrassed when they call themselves a writer, “she is a term laden with thick tomes of excellence. But like many accomplishments in life, that label seems more significant when it is granted by others. Arrogance is not a good help when writing.

    If every minute counts, we can not spend half our daily fixing session working conditions. One needs a space of your house ready, tidy and ready to be used immediately. Start typing it takes just a few minutes, not fifteen, not twenty, not one hour … two, three minutes and you can start, if possible, at the exact point where it left the project yesterday. …