See Korean Dramas To Watch Before KCON 2015 LA

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The Time I’ve Loved You is a Korean drama remake of Taiwanese Korean Drama drama In Time with You , and just started airing. Even 2013’s big Korean drama hit My Love From Another Star” (2013) was more of a urban fantasy show than a sci-fi show if you think about it. Personally, I think 49 Days” (2011) was the first hardcore urban fantasy Korean drama. In the scope of TV dramas as a whole, 49 Days” (2011) was not unique as it creatively borrowed from American and Japanese dramas a lot. As a side note, Park Bo-Young /박보영starred in a recent Korean movie called The Silenced (2015).

In 2008, this drama was nominated again for Best Drama in Baeksang Arts Awards. In 2008 the same year, Coffee Prince finally won Best Drama in Korea PD (Production Director) Awards. This fantasy, historical drama comprises of 20 episodes, showing a poignant love between the crown prince of Joseon Dynasty and a female shaman who previously was chosen as the crown princess. I don’t wish to bore you with too many details so here are the highlights of watching a Korean movie/drama.

Different dramas appear on each of the nationwide networks, Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) and on the cable channels, Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company (jTBC), Channel A , tvN , and Orion Cinema Network (OCN). In China , South Korean programs on Chinese government TV networks accounted for more than all other foreign programs combined in 2006.

The oldest brother is getting on in years and seems to be making head-way with his girlfriend, until on old girlfriend sends a surprise his way; the second oldest has a drunken one-night-stand with a colleague, knocks her up, and they get married; the third one is a cop who falls in love with…oh, just watch it, it’s wonderful, not just because of the romance, but because these goofballs are such family, bickering and wrestling one moment, and bonding over drinks the next.

Episode 15 is very intense unlike other episodes which always have suspense, drama and comedic elements It is the episode which really show off the lead actor’s brilliant acting – his subtle portrayal of agony, despair, anger is simply enthralling. I know it is early in the year; however, I cannot see another drama toping this one in 2015. I have not been so engaged in a drama since Missing You and KMHM has topped Missing You on my best Thriller/Adventure Kdrama list.