SEO OR SEM? The choice of positioning on Google

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Many companies believe that SEO web Cheap Seo Packages positioning is quick and easy. Develop a site without optimizing your content and are intended to appear in the top positions of Google without effort. They think, that site quickly receive a lot of backlink, visits and relevance.

For this reason believe that we must not fall into the error that the SEO is free cheap and expensive SEM, both require investment and that investment will be higher minor according to the market in which we focus. In addition, another error that should not committed is to rely solely on Google, we must diversify the sources of traffic.

Hi Victor, thank you very much for your input, clear as I mentioned the post it is very basic for the extension of both subjects, however I think you raise a good proposal, and the theme of algorithms is also very consistent, although I repeat everything depends on the objectives and the key words you want to position in addition to the budget; It should be mentioned in none of the cases is free.

Search engine positioning, is the expression in Spanish that is equivalent to the term SEO in English. Position, is positioned only in the positioning of natural or organic; NEVER is positioned”in PPC. Adwords PPC varies the order depending on the price of the key word, but it is not positioned.”

The Professional is called every thing by its name, it is therefore absurd to talk about SEO vs. SEM, SEM includes SEO and PPC. Professional and right thing to do is talk about SEO and PPC, as estrategias-acciones within the SEM.