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Window Wells: What to Consider When Constructing Them

Man is different from other creatures because he has the ability to make decent housing for himself. Getting enough space in the homes, however, is one challenge that has been facing man. In the quest of getting adequate space in the homes, people have done all sorts of house renovations and designs. One of the most creative renovations ideas is the turning of your house basement into a habitable space. Turning your basement into a living space is cheaper than the construction of a new extra room.

It is not ideal to live in basements due to the fact that they are made under the ground level, they are cold and also dark. But the need for space has seen man invent new ways of making basements good for living. Construction of window wells is one way man has made this happen. Just like its name suggests, a window well is a construction of a well like structure outside the windows of basement rooms. If you are looking to construct a window well for your basement, here are a few things to note.

According to the building codes, window wells must be constructed due to rise of risks and dangers such as burglary, fires and natural disasters like earthquakes. This means that you must have window wells in place if your house has basements. The first thing you, therefore, need to consider is safety. Ensure your window well allows for easy exit. This may be by inclusion of walking stairs or have it constructed at an inclining angle. Safety of the users is what should guide you when making the window wells.

Another thing is that you have to ensure your window well is both beautiful and allows in enough light. Painting of window wells in bright colors or having them made in shiny materials are some of the things aimed at achieving the above objective. Decorations too are another thing that may be added to the window wells. The amount of light allowed by the window well may depend on how close or far the well is from the window. Little light will be allowed to the window if your window well is very close to the window and vice versa.

The last and very important thing you have to consider when constructing your window well is the drainage. Poor construction of a window well may make it become a water reservoir owing to the fact that it is found below the level of the ground. How water runs from the window well is one plan you ought to, therefore, have before even embarking on the construction of the window well. Constructing the window well base to accommodate for rapid sipping of the water to the ground by the use of trances is one of the things that one may do to prevent flooding.

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