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What is Pay Per Call Marketing

Newbies in online marketing have yet to familiarize themselves with pay per call marketing. You can start by equating pay per call marketing with the yellow pages. Similar with the yellow pages, people easily find your business with the help of pay per call marketing. Just take note that the latter is done rather online instead of being printed as a book.

Now you ask, “How does pay per call marketing really work? Consider this situation. You will be tasked to connect callers to respective call centers via traceable affiliate phone numbers. There is a chance for you to earn a commission each time you connect callers to advertiser’s call centers. There is one condition, though. In order for you to get paid, the caller needs to remain on the line for a certain number of seconds or minutes depending on what is being offered. Usually the caller is not required to purchase anything, they just need to be there for that span of time. Commissions are high but it depends of a number of factors such as the location of the caller, the product that is being offered, the threshold you are required to meet and etcetera.

So why are companies willing to pay that high? That is because there is a high probably of conversion with phone leads. It is a more direct approach to connecting with traffic that indeed converts. Company’s are willing to pay high for those who can send traffic to them directly so they won’t have to find or attract traffic themselves. The good part is that you yourself need not do any form of sales talk. What is important is that they stay on the phone for a certain period after being referred to call centers by you.

meanwhile to the advertising company , pay per call marketing is very advantages. For one, this online advertising method is very cost-effective. There is a huge likelihood of conversion because the connection to the prospect buyer is direct. More closes or more sales are realized in this situation. And, there are plenty of other benefits more.

So that is the beauty of pay per call marketing. This ensures that advertiser is directly connected to the right callers. Because it can be done online and over the phone, it does not cost much. This gives affiliates better income earning opportunities. To get started, an affiliate simply needs a pay per call marketing campaign that has been set up correctly. This in turn ensures that you get paid with every qualified call. To get more information on pay per call marketing, check this out.

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